Back-to-School Checklist for Your Car

Whether you are gearing up to begin carpooling younger children or taking your high-school graduate to his or her first year of college, Waters Car Wash has your back. Getting your car in the best shape possible is always a good idea before starting the school year. Taking your vehicle to a mechanic to check on its condition will identify problems before they become expensive and dangerous. Here are a few ideas to put on your back-to-school checklist to keep your car in shape this year.

Oil Change

Your car’s oil is designed to keep its moving parts properly lubricated and cool. Clean oil performs this task well, keeping your engine operating at top performance while also promoting its longevity. Be sure to get your oil levels checked before ramping up your commutes at the start of the school year.

Battery Check

A weak battery can leave your car stranded at the most inopportune moment. Have your battery tested at the local garage or auto parts store to make sure this does not happen to your family.

Wiper Blades

A few rainy days are sure to make your travel to school a bit less enjoyable, but new wiper blades can minimize the disappointment of having to travel in the rain. If you notice any noises or that your wipers are struggling to keep your windshield clear of droplets, take a look at your wiper blades or ask your mechanic about their condition. Replace them if there are any worn out spots.

Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure should also be on your back-to-school checklist for your car. Not only do properly inflated tires wear more evenly, but they also handle better. You’ll achieve a smoother ride while keeping the kids safe on their way to school.

Wash Your Vehicle Inside & Out

School mornings are hectic enough and car full of water bottles and to go bags makes for a less enjoyable trip for all. Start on the right foot with a car wash at Waters and then thoroughly vacuum the interior with our free vacuums. Check the floor mats too and run them through the free mat cleaners if needed. The hot summer can wreak havoc on a car’s components. Following a back-to-school checklist for your car helps to ensure safe transportation for the school year and promotes your car’s durability. Waters Car Wash wants to ensure you experience fewer car problems by helping you properly prepare your vehicle for daily trips to and from school or the bus stop!

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